Platform: Mobile Devices

Measure car’s g-force, lap times and drag race times with your mobile. Save hundreds of dollars on hardware telemetry modules! Live track view with g-force and speed data. After a race, save the telemetry and GPS data to a csv file for further analysis in your favourite application. Advanced algorithms to calculate precise times and reduce measure noises coming from engine vibrations. Are you passionate about sports cars? Do you enjoy driving on the track and mastering your cornering techniques? Would you like to review your lap and check the charts showing forces exerted on your car during each course? Feel like a Formula 1 pro – all you need is click and download the most advanced, professional racing application TELEMETRY. Thanks to the accelerometers placed in the phone, it is possible to measure the forces exerted on it, hence on the car in which the phone is. Clear menu will enable you to easily and swiftly accustom to the application. All data can be displayed in miles as well as kilometers. Once you calibrate TELEMETRY, it only takes the first lap for the application to automatically track it. After finishing your lap, you will receive information regarding time, speed and the forces exerted on your car. All corners, in which your car was exposed to a particularly strong forces will be pinpointed on the map of your track. Thanks to a clear diagram, you can also monitor vertical as well as horizontal forces exerted on your vehicle. It is also possible to save and then examine any given lap, so that you can check your top speed on the selected section of the track, compare the score with previous laps and boast about your results in front of the opponents. TELEMETRY also contains a feature which allows to check the performance of the car, taking into account the time, distance and speed. You only have to specify one of the figures, i.e 1/4th of a mile, and then accelerate in order to see what was your time and speed. Think of your passion as a serious thing, trust our experience and choose TELEMETRY. Be faster than others!